Our junior development program has been operating since 1972. In that time we have introduced thousands of youngsters to the game of tennis. Some have gone on to play professionally, many have earned U.S. scholarships, a few have joined the coaching ranks. More importantly, all have learned the basics that will allow them to play this great game for the rest of their lives. The goal of our program is to develop a sound foundation for development of the student’s game in the years ahead. This holds true for all calibre of player from beginner to advanced. We will put the students through specially designed drills that will develop the technical, tactical, psychological and physiological components of their game.

We are offering two Introductory & Recreational programs and two Competitive programs. Students are encouraged to practice as much as possible. They may do so on unreserved courts at a special program rate of $5.60/person/hr. Should they wish to reserve a court, they would be required to pay the appropriate fee.

Each September we evaluate the students for the purpose of dividing them into groups that will enable us to work on individual aspects of their game.

A Fall Evaluation is held to start each season. For more information, e-mail Harry courtsideta@gmail.com or call Harry at (519) 242-9494

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