What is Block Time?

It is the opportunity to reserve the same time each week in advance for an extended period of time. The time is reserved by a group leader who becomes the contact person, and takes responsibility for the group in case of nonpayment.

If you presently are a Block Time owner, you have until June 30 to renew your reservation. After that date, all reserved courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

After October 1, partial reservations, to begin on the next available day, may be purchased for the remainder of the season.

So that there are no misunderstandings, please read carefully the rules for Block Time, which are part of the application form.

If you are new to Block Time, we will accept your application any time. If we still have your requested time available after June 30, you will be given the time. If not, we will let you know, and give you the opportunity to choose another time.

Some of the following points might help you in your consideration of Block Time:

  • Block Time runs from October through April. For specific dates and holiday exclusions, please select an Application Form : (low time, high time)
  • Please consider your Block Time purchase as a final purchase. Once you have bought it, you own it for the agreed time period. You may sell it, but the club will not purchase it back from you.
  • Block Time is separate from our Point Packages. You may not use points to pay for Block Time, except for low time Block Time, paid on a weekly basis. We only allow that option for private organizers who have different players playing each week.
  • We never guarantee a particular court, because the club’s needs change periodically, and we may need to assign you to a different court.
  • We always prepare a schedule, showing all your playing times. Please make sure you ask for this at the start of the season so there are no misunderstandings about which weeks are booked and which weeks are not.
  • The club reserves the right to limit blocks in any time period. Two hour blocks in High Time on week days will normally be from 6 - 8 pm or 8 - 10 pm

How is Block Time allocated?

Renewals are given first opportunity, and must be completed by June 30. After that, it is first come, first served. Availability is limited, especially in High Time.

What does Block Time cost?

High Time - $37.60 per court hour (HST included)
Low Time - $34.10 per court hour (HST included)

Seniors (age 60+) are discounted 5% for both High & Low Time Blocks.

What is the minimum Block Time purchase?

Block Time runs from the first week of October to the last week of April, but may be extended beyond April. Blocks purchased after October 1 run from the start date through April.

How do I pay for Block Time?

Advance payment is required for Block Time. Each player’s share is due on or before the first day of the reservation. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, Interac or credit card. (VISA, M/C, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay)

Postdated cheques dated no later than October 30 may be submitted. Because Block Time is already discounted, Point Packages may not be used to pay for Block Time.

All Block Time sales are final.


A block group may request that a block court be cancelled. If the court is sold by the club, a refund in the form of a points credit will be given to the members of the block.

Low Time Blocks only - If paying on a weekly basis, with 7 days notice, a block group may request that a block court be cancelled. Two (2) cancellations during a season are allowed. On a third cancellation, the Block will be removed for the remainder of the season. No-shows will be treated as cancelled courts, subject to the above.

How do I apply?

Application forms are available at the club, or you can download them (low time, high time) and drop the completed form into the club.